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Darlene Byers Australian Author

Darlene's official Bio

Darlene Byers lives in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. After growing up in a small town in the Central West tapping out stories on her typewriter, she moved a few hours away to pursue her nursing career, which spanned twenty four years.

Proud wife, and mum to three beautiful children, she is lucky enough to now spend her time either writing stories set in beautiful rural Australia, or getting out as a family exploring the bush. Fossicking, camping, travelling and fishing are just a few of the families outdoor interests.

Andrew's official Bio

Growing up in a small town in the Central West of New South Wales, with dyslexia, was a struggle for Andrew.

Although he was never a book worm, he has always had a creative mind and an imagination that would be perfect for writing sit coms, (to quote his wife) Instead, he spent most of his working career as a labourer, renovator and home mechanic. The typical 'Jack of all trades, master of none.'

Inspired by his wife, who changed careers after 24 years from nurse to author, Andrew sat down and hand wrote his own book. He often says. . . "Thankfully my wife can read dyslexic."

He enjoyed writing this book and hopes his readers enjoy it too.