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Darlene Byers Australian Author

Ann & James Publishers

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Welcome fellow Indie Authors... Ann & James Publishers is our publishing Imprint. This is the business side of writing where like minded Indie (self published) authors can also find a little information about publishing their own books worldwide. A few links for popular publishing platforms will be included below for your convenience, to assist with your publishing requirements.

We have learnt so much during our writing and publishing career in the Indie world over the last few years, and if we can help simplify the process for some new authors, even better.

Please note: We are NOT a "Vanity Press." We do NOT publish other authors books, or charge exorbitant prices for services, like proofreading. If you have to pay a publisher for your book to get out into the world, they are a "Vanity Press." A traditional publisher will pay you for your work, not the other way around.

As an Indie (self published) author, there still are expenses required to make your book the best it possibly can be before it is released. These are usually editing, proofreading, cover design, interior formatting and typesetting. These can attempted by yourself, or out-sourced. 

We are by no means an expert in this field, but happy to share what we have learnt to help other Indie authors succeed in the mine field of Indie book publishing.

Platforms used by Indie (self published) authors.

Draft2digital Is where authors can convert their manuscript into an ePUB file. This file is used to upload to various platforms. D2D (Draft2digital) is an aggregator that can be used to assist with making your eBook available for sale on multiple platforms.

Here is the signup link

Blurb is the platform we use in Australia to print our paperbacks. It is a print-on-demand service where you can order a single copy or multiple copies (without the need of an ABN). Printing is fast and the books are great quality. You can use their free ISBN to order proof copies, and use your own when you're ready to distribute to other store fronts.

Blurb is also an aggregator for putting your book on other store fronts like Apple iBooks and IngramSpark.

Signup link coming soon.

IngramSpark is a popular platform for Indie Authors. They do charge a fee for uploading, and require an ABN. We however, use Blurb to distribute to IS (IngramSpark) The negates the need to pay for each upload and changes.

Amazon has a large market share as a book retailer. You can upload both eBooks and paperback and sell directly on amazon. They now have printing in Australia, which allows for Aussie Indie authors to order single proof copies, and postage is now cheaper.

A few other sites you can sign up directly to are Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Books and Lulu.

More information coming soon about these platforms. 

Hope this helps for now,

Cheers Andrew & Darlene.


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