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Darlene Byers Australian Author

Sapphire Ridge Prospects

Nursing has been Sapphire's life for fourteen years. She still has a passion for looking after her patients, however, she once had another love. . . Fossicking!

So when an opportunity arose to secure what Sapphire suspected to be gold and sapphire bearing land, she succumbed to the lure and purchased the old run down homestead surrounded by a few hundred acres in rural New South Wales.

While spending time fossicking in the bush, her soul searching is interrupted by Ryan, a wandering bird watcher from the city, who proceeds to turn her life upside down since the day he trespassed onto her property.

Through their shared dangerous situations they keep finding themselves in, will Sapphire finally realise that if she doesn't open her heart and overcome obstacles, she'd loose in love again? Is a relationship even possible with their worlds being polar opposites and Sapphire having no desire to live in the city? Ever!


Christmas Cocktails & Mistletoe Kisses

Nurse, Holly Summers, always looks forward to heading home to the family farm to enjoy a traditional Australian Christmas. This year is no exception, until she meets an elderly patients grandson, Kyle Stephens.

The intense attraction between them is undeniable, however, Holly refuses to be a pawn in a rich man's game, and finding love and settling down isn't foremost on Holly's mind as she works through the holidays.

Will he breeze out of her life as quickly as he entered?

Or could it be the beginning of their future together?

The Game of Missions

The Game of Missions... The game of cards you never want to play. Or do you?

After a long day of renovating, tradies, Dave and Jim, will never forget the day they sat down to play The Game of Missions.

The card game that will send you anywhere, any place, any time... discovered mates Jim and Dave soon after they sat down to play a card game with the deck they'd found in the attic earlier that day.

Following the rules given to them from the deck of cards soon saw them facing mission after mission, not knowing where they'd end up, what the mission was, or who they would meet.

Will the tradies ever complete the card game and finish their own renovating mission? Or are they forever stuck in The Game of Missions?

New releases coming soon.

Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond is Book 2 in the Willow Banks series. It can be read as a standalone, however this series is best read in order.

It will be available for purchase in a few months. Watch this space.

Summer Cocktails & Holiday Kisses

Summer Cocktails & Holiday Kisses Is the Book 2 in the Cocktails & Kisses Series. It is currently in edits and will been available for purchase soon. Watch this space.